Along our wedding planning process, we've tried to put ourselves in the guests' shoes. After all, this will be as much a day for them as it is for us! Here are some of the things we've put together to optimize their wedding guest experience:

1. Taxi Tags - we've already informed guests via our wedding website that the venue allows overnight parking if they need to take a cab home and advised them to carpool. A sober helper will be in charge of passing these out to guests who look like they can use a ride home after the wedding.

2. Map/Schedule/Program/Menu - I've blogged about this when it was still in early draft phase, but now it's finally done! We hope providing more information will keep guests from missing out on anything.

3. 'Dancing Shoes' for the ladies in pretty heels on tired feet.
4. Bathroom Basket to take care of emergencies that may arise.
5. I had wanted sandalwood fans but my family bought these for me and though I'm not loving the very random colors, they will be no less practical than color coordinating ones. We'll spread these out among the ceremony seating.

6. Self Serve Hot Bar - I'm often cold and it's not always easy to get a hot drink at weddings for whatever reason. Since our venue is by the river and it can get chilly at night, we're having this hot bar station so people can get a warm cup of tea, coffee, cocoa whenever they want. I've arranged for the caterer to provide cups, condiments, and 10 gallons of hot water in a couple dispensers. Next to it will be this set up:

We really hope our guests will enjoy themselves!


  1. these are all fantastic ideas that you have! your guests will love it all and thank you. i especially love the taxi tags and the flipflops for tired feet.

  2. I got those same flip flops for my guests but with burgundy velour trim!
    Its so nice of you to consider your guests... I try to do the same, but you've given me some really great ideas - thanks!
    :x Broke-Ass Bride