I'm a thoughts over fancies kind of girl, so this DIY postcard STD really impressed me: A perfect illustration of the couple's shared love for books and coffee shops, this photo was taken at the cafe table where they met and they even photoshopped their kitty on the paper!

Simple+ chic+ personal = elegance in my mind, and this is a great example of what I wish my own diy projects convey. I can't deny that there's a bit of a perfectionist in me and I sometimes focus a little too much on the details. But at the end of the wedding, I just hope our guests walk away with a feeling that the celebration was fun, personal, and that they are special to us. This has been our reason for making many of our wedding decisions, and a big part of why I put so much effort into so many of my own diy projects.

**Good job Aimee & Minh, and congratulations on your wedding this weekend! I wish you the just this kind of sweet success on your special day!**

Why do you DIY?

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