The Tea Party: Face, meet Cake

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This is the story told in photos about a boy who tested his limits, and a girl rolling her neck saying 'no you di'-ent!' when said boy crossed that limit:
Everyone thought this was spontaneous, but the truth is we discussed the cake feeding beforehand and agreed that cake smashing would add to the fun atmosphere we were going for. Da hubs knew it's not worth ruining my makeup so I only got a small hit, though I think he wasn't expecting to be smashed more than once :P

I'd say we played our roles rather well, and I think my pouty face pointing at the cake crumb on my fab looking (stuffed) boobs should win me best actress in a wedding role.

We got exactly the reaction we wanted from our audience - surprise, a big 'OHHH!!' in unison, and laughter amongst our guests.

Of course none of our guests would believe that this was agreed upon, so we just keep playing along. In fact, my MIL once said she (seriously) couldn't believe I smashed all that cake on her sweet son's face when he barely nicked me. I replied 'Yup, and I'd do it again in a second!'

I believe it is right around the time this picture was taken when I thought for the first time, 'd@mn! my husband is awesome!'

Images by Travis Hoehne except for the second one by guest

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