DIY Fortune Cookie Tea Sachet

Even though I planned ahead to reuse / recycle as much wedding stuff as I could, inevitably there were leftovers. So here I am, with a friggin' couple life time supplies of various teas in my pantry (mostly from the tea buffet, which I knew I had purchased too much tea for but I needed variety!), I figured I better get creative.

I love the scent of tea, pleasant and subtle. I decided to make a little tea sachet for my dear friend to include in the package returning my borrowed veil. She was unfortunately not able to attend the main event, even though she was the most involved female in my planning. I really wanted to thank her with a piece of the wedding.

I have nearly no sewing skillz*, so this project had to be simple and forgiving. I decided to make a little fortune cookie shaped sachet:
I don't know how useful this tutorial is but I took pictures dammit, so you're getting instructions whether you like it or not. Here it goes:

1. Draw a circle on a piece of muslin, I used a glass as template, approx 4" diameter.
2. Cut out circle, it needs not be perfect. (I doubled up because I was figuring this out as I went and knew I'd mess up at least one, which I did).
3. Fold in half as pictured.
4. Sew a little 'T' along the straight edge, centered, as pictured (approx. 1" wide x 1/2" tall). I used red so it'd show up well in pics, it's probably better if you use thread with colors close to the fabric.

5. Crease and fold along the perpendicular diameter (along short stitches) of circle as pictured:

6. Match up the edges and pin to secure.
7. Sew the edges together, leaving an opening at one end (approx. 1").
8. Turn the whole thing inside out through the opening. Fluff to attain fortune cookie shape.
9. Stuff tea (or filler of your choice) inside the 'cookie'.
10. Tuck edges of opening inside and sew it shut (use thread that matches the fabric now!). Add ribbon (mine is another wedding leftover, of course) as pictured if desired.

*To those with real sewing powers - please forgive my crappy job and lack of correct sewing terms, for I know no better (though I'd love to be enlightened in comments).

If nothing else, I hope this get you thinking about creative ways to use your wedding stuff after the fact, instead of just tossing them away :)


  1. What a fun gift, I love it! I'll be linking. I also noticed your Great White glass. That is my favorite crowd-pleasing beer, so good!

  2. LOVE IT!!! and who cares about real terms when you have PICTURES!!! that is just so cute!!

  3. Genius!!!! I posted a link on Craft Gossip Sewing Blog: http://sewing.craftgossip.com/tutorial-fortu…kie-tea-sachettutorial-fortune-cookie-tea-sachet/2009/03/17/

  4. Oh wow, that is so cute!! Can't wait to get it from my folks! I've said it before, but I'll say it again--you're amazing!!

  5. Nod trying to be rude, but small problem with the text on step #4.

    "Closed to" - not open "The store is closed to all customers for the holidays."

    "Close to" - similar "Use a thread color close to the fabric color."

  6. @Anonymous: i do know the difference in usage and have corrected the typo, thank you. and if you meant to say 'Not trying to be rude', i didn't find it so at all! :)

  7. Thanks. This is a complete DIY guide for making fortune cookies. Excellent post.

  8. Love it!
    And YOU are hilarious!lol!