The Tea Party: Peanuts Teacher Toasts

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Came toast time, all I heard was 'wonka wonk wonk wonka wonk'...
Who doesn't wish for a fantabulous toast on their wedding day? But the truth is, only few of us are blessed with close friends who's got great speech writing or public speaking talent, let alone the combination!

Knowing that neither the Best Man nor MOH-Ho enjoyed speech giving, I did not expect to be swept off my feet by their words. There I was, still feeling high from the dances, words came in one ear and out the other leaving traces of what sounded like your standard run-of-the-mill wedding toast. I can't remember a word MOH-Ho uttered but I distinctively recall this face:

I was looking straight into her teary eyes, hearing 'wonka wonk wonk...', and thinking to myself at first 'wth is she crying 'bout?!' It took a second to register but it hit me that she probably put a lot of thought into the wonka wonk, maybe stood infront of a mirror at home practicing to wonka wonk, perhaps suffered from anxiety for weeks because of wonka wonk, and she definitely sincerely meant every single wonka she was wonking at me.

And oh man, we couldn't even get a run-of-the-mill speech outta this guy: (and apparently I was thirsty!?)
I guess the speech started with a joke, but 10 seconds into the thing... it turned into something like: (sob sob) "I... I... I love you, man! I love you guys, man! I think you guys are great, man!" (repeat)
Who needs the best man to deliver a good speech when he gives you THIS to rub in his face for the rest of your lives?
I once thought couples who receive amazing toasts were lucky and loved. I mean, you must have done something right to deserve the effort behind one that is elaborate and well thought out! But standing there in front of our nearest and dearest with champagne in my hand, listening to our closest friends go 'wonka wonk wonk', I realized that I am no less lucky or loved to be in such great company. These people obviously couldn't have been happier to share this day with us, and neither could we with them.

Perfection comes in many different forms, and it often depends on your point of view. From where we were standing, the toasts were flawless.

Cheers to friendship and good times!

Images #3, 4, 8 by my friend Rob, the rest by Travis Hoehne

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