DIY Packaging Air Pillows

I needed small air pillows to package the little valentines for mailing, so I did some recycling and made my own:
Left over from all my online holiday shopping were tons of these air pillows too big for this application:
So I cut out the sealed edges of each pillow: And also cut out any part with printing on it, leaving me with just the clear plastic:
I folded the clear piece in half:
Resealed all the edges with my suckie-suckie (aka food saver):

Then I snipped off a little corner to fit a straw through (a fun option: insert confetti of your choice) and give it a quick puff:
Bring that snipped corner back to the suckie-suckie for sealing again:
  • Even if you're not looking to alter the size, snipping air pillow corners can let the air out and flatten for easy storage. You can then reuse these with a quick puff and seal whenever you need them.
  • Other soft plastic pieces can be use to make these, look around for plastic wraps that are (unfortunately) all around us!
  • Suckie-suckie made this project easy, but with some testing I imagine many heat sources can produce the same results.

Happy crafting!

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