Sweet Shower: DIY Letter Display

I left you hanging on the sugary details on the shower I threw for MOH-Ho. My bad. I'm trying to get my shiznit together now and at least finish this mini-series (previous episodes: one, two, three, four, & five). To ease you back into this, I'll show you a simple DIY decoration project.

In the clubhouse where the shower was held, there's a kitchen with a breakfast bar. I wanted to keep most of the bar top open for guests to set drinks on but without leaving it bare and boring. Matching the rest of the shower stuff, I picked out 5 shades of coordinating pinks in graduating darkness to paint the wooden letters S-U-G-A-R:

To display them, I bought some single serving trifle dishes which MOH-Ho had mentioned several times that she wanted but couldn't justify buying. They not only went well with the baking/dessert theme, but had a loving home after the shower. I added some table sugar to hold up the letters and establish a white base to help the pinks pop:

These didn't take up much room, but effectively greeted the guests as they walked in.

This simple idea is cost efficient, not too wasteful, and easy to make. Using wide-mouth containers (perhaps bowls/jars/glasses that you already own), some wooden/paper block letters, and any powder/grain for base, this idea can easily be adapted to fit many themes :)

Happy Crafting!


  1. Ke-uuuute! I have a reunion coming and this would be awesome. thanks for sharing.

  2. Such a cute idea! ps. Do you have a heart shaped lens cover or did you photoshop in those cute hearts all over the one picture?

  3. @LabRat101: the heart bokeh was edited in :)