Sweet Shower Invites (Downloadable Template Included)

I am throwing a bridal shower for MOH-Ho and it is freaking me out! I did accomplish one thing, though not without huge assembly help from MOH-Ho and her momma - the shower invites:

MOH-Ho is a big time baker (she's the mastermind behind my wedding cupcakes) so she's getting a 'Sugar Spice Nice' theme dessert shower. The 3-page invite includes the basic invite on the front (sugar), details & rsvp info in the middle (spice), and a blank recipe card on the last for guests to share their favorite recipe with the bride (nice).

The linen texture strips of increasing lengths are aligned on the left side and sewn together with matching thread...

to give this staggering effect on the right:

The envelope is folded from pastel pink vellum and sewn shut. The invite info is covered by a matching address label.

I originally wanted the seal to be done with an off white linen ribbon matching the paper texture, but I wasn't sure it would hold up in the mail. Sewing it shut was a practical alternative, and it turns out to have a cleaner feel which I like.

The finished product:

Like MOH-Ho's wedding invitations, this set is also printed on a single piece of cardstock. Included are the 3 strips, address label, plus a couple extra matching small labels/tags:


Also like MOH-Ho's wedding invitations, matching thank-yous will follow :)

  1. Cut 10" x 7" piece of vellum
  2. Score and fold in at solid red lines (the 2 shorter folds first, then the middle)
  3. Insert invite
  4. Sew shut at dotted line right above top edge of invite

Planning this sweet shindig has been difficult for me for a lot of reasons. I've never attended a bridal shower before, I'm doing this long distance and my summer field assignment has kept me super busy and exhausted, plus I'm nervous that it won't be good enough for her friends and family (I'm not around women much!). Fortunately MOH-Ho has been very supportive and forgiving about my shortcomings. While I feel bad that she has to work on her own shower, I really couldn't do it without her!

Would you mind helping with your own shower?


  1. Darn, I think I closed my first comment. It was full of me gushing about how much I LOOOOOVVVVEE these amazing invites you created. Love, love, love! They're little works of art! I'll be linking. Thanks so much!

  2. Seriously, GT.... YOU ARE AMAZING.

    These are beautiful!!!


  3. Amazing! I am really inspired by these. How did you 'seal' the sides of the envelope?

  4. @Monique: no sealing was necessary since the side folds created half pockets. i slipped it in the front ones so the fold doesn't cover the invite once it's sealed :)

  5. i LOVE these - and your letter made my day!!! Funny thing is, a few days before I got it, I had looked through old letters and promised myself to write/send more letters - and then I got yours! You can be sure you'll be getting something by snail in return.

  6. Aw! It looks lovely. I love the simple design of the envelope. It looks very femininely beautiful.

  7. That is a very creative bridal shower invitation card. I love the color choices. And the prints of the cards are very chic.

  8. I love these! What is the font for the sugar, spice, nice words?

  9. Is the recipe card printed on the last page or attached seperately? Did you have to cut them out afterwards to fit them in a recipe box / book? If so, was it a pain in the butt? I'm planning a shower for my friend right now and am in loooove with this invitation format. You are seriously talented.

  10. @ Jennifer: If you look at the downloadable template I put up, you can see how the invite suite fits on a single 8.5x11 sheet of paper. This includes the recipe card. Guests brought back the cut and filled recipe cards when they attended the shower, but I didn't do anything with them besides handing them over to the guest of honor. Thank you for your kind words!

  11. I love these! What is the font you used for the sugar, spice, nice words?

  12. These invites are fantastic! I'm throwing a bridal shower of a similar theme and I am totally inspired by yours. Thank you for providing the free template, you are so generous!

    Did you have to use special postage for these or was a normal stamp sufficient? Also, what program do you recommend for editing the invites?

  13. @Stephanie: I specifically designed the envelope in that size so that it would use regular postage. You can use whatever program you're comfortable with, I had left instructions on a way to use these templates (though definitely not very efficient) on the post for MOH-Ho's wedding invites (http://mycoinpurse.blogspot.com/2009/05/moh-hos-invite-suite.html). You could use the same word template from there and just move boxes around, or create your own in word. Good luck!

  14. Hi Hi!
    I am new to your blog but so far I love love love love your style. I just added you to my blog roll :D

    But i just wanted to confirm... did you have to pay extra postage on those envelopes? I've heard conflicting stories...

    *sigh* I suppose I could just call the post office! But I also wanted to say thanks for the great DIY template.

  15. @Miss JD: aww thank you! that's so sweet, especially since I haven't even blogged for almost half a year (i know, it's terrible of me, i hope to pick it back up one day). the envelopes do not require extra postage, i checked before designing it. enjoy the template!

  16. Thank you for providing the free template, you are so generous!

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