Sweet Shower Details

I have theme addiction. It's true. I thought about seeking help, for themes often conflict with practicality, and practicality is high up on my list. But before I go get myself fixed, I indulged in MOH-Ho's sugary shower details. You've already seen my 'Sugar Spice Nice' shower invites and I've also shown you the food and drinks dessert set up. Now I must confess that beyond the leftover labels and the special drink signs, there is more. Looking at all this pink makes me nauseous (I'm not a pink person, MOH-Ho is), and I apologize in advance if you also wanna throw up a little bit in your mouth. Okay, here we go.

For the cotton candy set up, homeboy will be making the fresh mini puffs with popsicle sticks instead of cones, and place them in pink cupcake liners for display in a cupcake pan. I made these little stickers for the popsi-sticks:
I have a 3-table set up for the food and drinks and each one will have one of these banners:
I couldn't leave the water bottles naked so they too have matching labels. We went with MOH-Ho's favorite design...
but I had to get one with the label design that was my fav :)
The skewers for the chocolate fountain are dressed up with little letter flags on top that spell s-u-g-a-r:

And since I'm planning 'too much food', I printed these to-go bags for guests to take some goodies home in. I put the brown paper lunch bags through the printer and the printing didn't come out perfect, but I think the imperfection actually fits the bags quite well:

And there's the guest book. I've never attended a bridal shower so I'm not sure if it's weird to have one of these, but I thought a cake plate signed by the shower guests (with a porcelain pen) would be a nice keepsake for MOH-Ho to remember the day by.
Phew! Now if you can stand more of this crazy matchy-match pink mush, the heavier DIY projects are coming up!


  1. This all seriously looks like the NICEST shower I've eeeeever seen. You are totally outdoing yourself. Your MOH is a lucky lady!! The details are awesome...I can't believe there's more, and I am soooo excited to see it all! Wonderful job!

  2. I am in L O V E with all these amazing cute sugar/spice/nice details! I linked to your blog from mine and just wanted to say thank you for sharing!!

  3. You are for real the bestest friend EVAH!

  4. you are killin it lady.

    p.s. I love sugar as a theme! that's one of my fave pet names for H-town.

  5. That's just amazing. What a lot of work I'm sure it will be perfect!

  6. How did you make all those labels? Please help! My BFF is having her first baby and we are planning her shower. I love your ideas and execution!

    1. I designed them all myself and printed them on a laser printer on respective materials including clear address labels and transparencies.