DIY Sugar Cube Place Card Holder

I wanted something simple and cute to hold up all the labels for the desserts at MOH-Ho's 'Sugar Spice Nice' theme shower and I came up with the perfect solution:

As usual, I got some eye-rolls when I first mentioned my latest crazy idea. But when it comes time to trying things out, my team is always behind me 110% (coz they know it's the only way to shut me up). We had to set this up outdoors coz sugar flew EVERYWHERE. Eventually Bro-GT had to put on safety goggles (over his glasses!) just to protect his eyes from sugar attacks.
A mini assembly line was formed quickly. Da Hubs set up each cube and Bro-GT did the cutting and blade cleaning:
To make these you'll need:
  • Some kind of heavy clamp (we used a pipe wrench)
  • Rotary tool with small thin blade
  • Sugar cubes
There's only one step to the process - cut a slot in the cube to hold the card. Here are a few tips / lessons learned:
  • As I mentioned, do this outside and the person cutting should wear eye-protection. Sugar got on all our clothes and hair, I can't imaging the epic battle we would've had with the neighborhood ants if I tried this in the kitchen or even the garage.
  • Depending on the type of clamp you use, you may want to add some padding to protect the cube and provide a firmer grip. We wrapped a paper towel around each cube to do this. The metal and sugar direct contact made it slippery and nicked the cubes.
  • The blade gets hot and melts the sugar. Sometimes you get small clumps or pieces of cotton candy out of it but they remove easily. Keep a tub of water nearby to take the sugar off the blade (comes off real easily with water) so the buildup doesn't mess with your cut.
  • Practice makes perfect. I wasn't sure this would work at first but after some tries (and quite a few broken cubes) we got it down pat.
They do a great job holding up any small cards/signs/labels, but I think they look proportionally perfect with the little labels (see 2nd photo above) and would make excellent place card holders. Though I gotta say, double-teaming them to hold the bigger signs look pretty damn fabulous too:
I just love the simplicity, texture, and sweetness of these little holders. Out of all the details I put into this shower, I think this may just be my favorite :)


  1. Wow! You are such a creative genius, I love it! I can't believe all of the little details in this shower. Evertyhing is jsut amazing!

  2. are you serious??!! that is amazing. you need to package and patent this whole "sugar and spice" theme.

  3. This is genius! I just discovered your blog and I'm blown away.

  4. holy shit. this is creative genius, but also the stuff of great comedy.

  5. Love this! My sister is doing this theme! Can you please share the template for your name tags that say sugar, spice, nice? I tried your hyperlink but it wasn’t found. Thank you for your help!!