DIY Topiary

Topiaries are very classic pieces, and they are not as intimidating to DIY as they look! Here are pics (courtesy of my brilliant brother) of one that I made using left over scrap flowers from a wedding:
(Click on image to enlarge)
Anyway, as promised, here are instructions to a very basic topiary:
1. Pot (here I'm using a 6" terra cotta)
2. Plastic grocery bag
3. Disposable chopstick or sturdy and relatively straight tree branch
4. Plaster (available at your local hardware store)
5. Disposable container, stir stick, gloves, and water for mixing plaster
6. Wet floral foam
7. Floral moss
8. Floral Tape
9. Ribbon, wire, pins

1. Get your pot2. Line pot with a plastic bag
3. Mix plaster per instructions on box
4. Pour plaster in lined pot leaving 1.5" to 2" space from the rim
(see brother GT hard at work here in my hot garage)5. Place chopstick or branch in the middle, make sure it's straight
(approx. 1" in plaster)
(I also painted the chopstick brown so it'd blend in better)
6. Let plaster dry (per instructions on box, I leave it overnight to be safe)
7. Trim grocery bag
8. Cut floral foam to fit the pot to the brim
9. Water the foam thoroughly
10. Cover foam with moss
11. Peel back moss in the middle to give room for arrangement
12. Cut flowers to desired height and stick each stem in foam surrounding the stick
13. Tape together the stems at desired height with floral tape
(make sure you're taping where the stick still reach for max support)
14. If you want, you can make a floral bow to add to the arrangement.
15. Cover floral tape with ribbon and pin the ends
16. Arrange more flowers on the bottom and add bow as desired
(and keep the foam wet to maximize the life of the arrangement!)

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