Power of a Single Flower

For those of you considering DIY wedding florals, you'll find that there's often savings in buying less variety of blooms in bulk. Single stem arrangements done right can give off a very classy vibe. This weekend I bought some roses and made several arrangements using red roses as the only fresh stems.

Here is the centerpiece I wish I could make for my wedding (the Sac town outdoors heat would not be nice to these red pretties for my wedding, not to mention the glass pot would fog up big time for sure):

Here's a 10 minute job (so please excuse the crappiness) I did on a mockup bridal bouqet I'm considering, the fuss balls are silk stems I am using for the boutonnieres to be blogged about later:
Here is an oober easy funky tall vase arrangement:

Next up, instructions on how to DIY this basic topiary:


  1. I love the bouquet! I don't think it looks crappy at all. And I like those little ball-things...

  2. Just came across this post, and might I say... ooh la la! We did DIY centerpieces and bouquets for our wedding this past November, and I love love loved the way turned out! Kudos to you too my dear :)