Let's hear it for the Boyyyyy!

Tagged by the lovely east side bride, here I will fulfill my obligation to share 4 things about the mister...
  1. After his college graduation, he went backpacking for a month in New Zealand and Australia. He visited a place nicknamed orgasm point and took this picture.

  2. He once hit a grand slam while playing little league baseball. It just so happens that he had syrup stain on his uniform from the pancake breakfast that morning. Today, he is still known to some as Grand-Slam-Syruppy-Dan. (This is him below around the same era, unfortunately the infamous hit was not captured on film)

  3. My McMug doll was kidnapped from my car, by the aforementioned Grand-Slam-Syruppy-Dan, during our very early stages of dating. I was not aware of McMug's disappearance until I received this picture in my email. Nothing says love to a gril like a knife to her stuffed animal. It's what got me.

  4. He learned to play mahjong. My grandma loves to brag about how her future grandson-in-law, a white guy (she always adds), is good at playing mahjong.

    (Image Source)

I guess here is where I am suppose to tag others. This is a problem because the very little circle of blogs I read regularly have already been tagged! SO... if you're reading this, have a blog, and by some miracle haven't been asked to share this info - consider yourself TAGGED!


  1. Yay, thanks for playing! Great stories and what a gorgeous photo! Orgasm point that is, not the kidnapped McMug doll. Which is pretty cool too though!