Memory Lane

I love thoughtful details. Sure, I ooo and ahh at the letterpress menus and the pintuck satin linens like the rest of them, but I'd rather take a DIY program with a funny haiku or a well told story any day. I'm not sure whether that makes me easy or hard to impress...

I adore this idea kandr came up with, lining an entrance pathway with their pictures from childhood choronologically, inviting guests to start from their beginnings down to their wedding day:

See the rest of their wedding HERE. They also had a fantastic reception 'reveal'. How awesome it is to open up doors to your guests and hear a gasp of excitment!


  1. what a fabulous idea. it's so personal and eye-catching. are you having an outdoor wedding?

    we are planning indoors during december, but i wonder if we can incorporate something similar with photos strung on the walls of the reception hall... ideas ideas :)

  2. i AM having an outdoor wedding, there's practically no indoor space except for the bridal loft, bar, and the bathrooms.

    I think you can still do it indoors, how to make the most of it would depend on your venue set up though. Good luck with it, do share your pics of the final project!

  3. I agree with you on the DIY projects- I think it makes us simple and difficult :) Love this entrance!