Precious Vintage

This will be the most 'vintage' element at our wedding. No I'm not buying this dress off ebay (though I would sooo outbid Meg for this gor-ray-geous number if it was on auction). Actually, we will be celebrating this 1960 union along with our own.

We have advertised (begged, really) for wedding pictures from our happily married guests to incorporate in our wedding. Aunt Silvia was kind enough to mail this to us showing off her gorgeous self on her wedding day. We also asked for a quote to go with the picture (caption, advice...) and she noted:
"Ours was a wedding on a shoestring budget but it was perfect to me. The smartest thing we spent money on was our pictures. How grateful I am for those few pictures."
And as for advice, she had this to give:
"Laughter is important. There is a binding quality to it."
48 years later we can still feel the love between the couple. So take these words to heart people, she's giving out pearls here!

She was also sweet enough to include an additional picture. Who is that handsome little fella, you ask? That would be the bride's youngest brother, my future father-in-law.

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