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Numero dos! I like mixing things up, so why not have some variety? I began thinking about having a second centerpiece when I couldn't find any more tea sets from the first one on sale. I also thought it may be easier to give away two different sets than just one when the wedding is said and done. This too, started out differently:

I had intentions of including a tea tin to hold real flowers, but the tin's red was a bit too orange for my liking. Since I decided to use the silk flower, I used the saucer to hold it instead. The varying height of the components work better with this set up. I also like how this second centerpiece compliments the look and meets the same criteria as the first.

Cost Breakdown:

  • Tea-for-one sets - $5.95 ea*
  • Tea lights - $0.12 for 3**
  • 1/4 bag of red beans - $0.25
  • Silk rannunculus - $1.00**
  • TOTAL: $7.32 per centerpiece

* I bought six sets from HERE to get the bulk discount and I used a free shipping coupon (saved me 46%!)
** See details in cost breakdown from centerpiece #1

Cheap Tip #50: Always search for a coupon when shopping online.

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