Perspective - A True Story

We, like the Pineapples and many readers, encountered resistance with the 'no kid' policy for our wedding. I had a recent conversation with a newly married coworker about the matter that went down like this:

Me: We're already getting the guilt trips about how awful it is of us to not invite kids to the wedding
Bob: Stick to your guns man, we did the same thing and just had to tell everyone NO
Me: I know, if you tell one person yes, then you have to say yes to everyone else
Bob: Yup. My cousin, you know the one with the husband who has terminal cancer, called and asked if she can bring their kids because no one can babysit their eldest, who is blind since she was shot in the head catching a stray bullet during a drive-by
Me (jaw dropped): OMG, what did you tell her??
Bob: I had to tell her no!
Me: You told her NO????
Bob: Yeah, like I said, you gotta stick to your guns! Now that I think about it though... that was hard core, huh?
Me (jaw still on the ground): I'd say!

All of a sudden dealing with our guests seems so much easier.

Note: Bob's cousin did show up with the whole family, and Bob was genuinely glad to see all of them there and told them so at the wedding. While he felt it was important to officially say no to everyone requesting to bring children, he knew that among his guests, those who really wanted to be there would just break the rule and bring their kids. He also had intentions all along to welcome all of them with open arms if they showed up.

But dang, that's hard core.


  1. That is hilarious! Not the poor family's situation but the conversation!

    We had a 'no partner's of cousin's' policy which resulted in a family fued. Some people will never respect your wishes regarding the guest list. now we have a relation who won't talk to us and said relation's son's girlfriend is still coming to the wedding. Uninvited. Grrrr.

    Kids aren't so much of a problem, we only know two and they're the guests we're looking forward to seeing the most!

  2. OMG - I think my jaw would definitely be on the ground too!!!

    We haven't really gotten that far, but as we don't really know a lot of people with kids, that probably won't be a problem. What's going to be a problem is convincing Chris that we don't need to invite the parents of his high school friends. I know they're all from a small town, and they all know each other, but really - when was the last time you talked to them???

  3. Wow, if their family is really like that...it would make me feel a lot better about turning down my guest's children! haha...when my wedding comes, making the invite list is going to be extremely hard. Small town + big family = stress attack! Good luck! ♥